Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back
Imperial E-Web Heavy Blaster Cannon

Here I am creating my Blueprint to make this Replica.
This took me several hours / days to figure out measurements, supplies, ect.

After I have made my plans I started creating my replica of the Imperial E-Web Blaster Cannon.

I started off with the Tri-Pod or Base.

I created the feet, middle unit, and legs.
Together they make up the base.

After the base was put together I started the next logical parts for the cannon. I started to make the main body / barrel of the E-Web Blaster Cannon.

The Body (Box) Housing is made out of a heavy duty plastic container which I turned upside-down and made two holes so that the pipe would fit through.

After that I made the next part of the barrel and the end piece.

This is what the product will look like all laid out in order.
Minus the Add ons of course!

Then I started to make the swivel mount. This is the piece that will hold the Main Body / Barrel of the E-Web Blaster Cannon on top of the Tri-Pod / Base.

Now that the main body or barrel of the E-Web Blaster Cannon is built I started to make the Side Guards and Controls.

The Side Guards are made small rather than large and over bearing. For my replica I just thought it looked nicer with the smaller Side Guards. Depending if you look at the movie, books, toys, ect they do differ in size.

*Not shown is the Scopes that I made to place on top of the Main Body of the E-Web Blaster Cannon.

So now that the E-Web Blaster Cannon is well underway it is time to start priming the pieces.

Before priming I wiped down all the parts with quick drying thinner to clean the pipe and all parts so that the primer would hold.

Here are most of the parts all primed and painted.
Here are the control grips for the controls of the E-Web Blaster Cannon. I used Bicycle hand grips.

Here is the Main Body of the E-Web Blaster Cannon all primed and painted flat black. I added the Controls, Side Guards, Swivel Mount, and Scopes.
Here is the main part of the E-Web Blaster Canon ready to be put onto the Tri-Pod.

This replica is made to break down. You can probably figure it out just by looking at the pictures above.
I did not create the Energy Box and Hose for my replica at this time. I did leave the bottom of the middle
mount of the Tri-Pod open so I could later on add a hose that connects and energy box. The box I would
use for the Energy Box is a black plastic TupperWear type box that is sold at most department stores
around Halloween. All pieces of my replica will fit inside of one of those boxes for easy transport.

Here is my Finished Replica of the Imperial E-Web Heavy Blaster Cannon.

Here I am at 6:30am standing at the controls of the Imperial E-Web Blaster Cannon to give you an idea how large this replica is.

Die Rebel Scum! Is my face mean looking enough?