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She's not much to look at, but she's got it where it counts...

Kurzweil K2000 Synthesizer Dissection

Kurzweil K2000

Startup Diagnostics - Got trouble? Test and see!

Innards - Let's open it up and see what's inside!

Capacitors- A tour of the many capacitors inside the K2000

Keybed extraction - How to pull out the keys and clean the carbon contacts

External PC Card Reader - Ditch that noisy internal hard drive and use compact flash cards instead!

Volume and Controller Sliders - Itchy and Scratchy should not be part of your show!

Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels - Repair the mounting posts for the wheel module

Jon's Custom Keyboard Table - Modify a Farmer's Table to conceal your synthesizers in the living room!

OLGa Logo

Star Wars Events with the Old Line Garrison

Timothy Zahn Book Signing

Shane Felux' Star Wars Revelations Premiere at the Senator Theater  

Episode III Children's Defense Fund Charity Premiere

October 2005 Annandale Parade

Star Wars Legos II Videogame Release

Crofton Library 2006

Old Line Garrison Strikes

Cindy's Birthday Dinner

OLGa's Dinner at Dave and Busters

Karen Traviss Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines book release at Borders Annapolis

Armor Parties

September 2005 Armor Party

October 2005 Armor Party (actually, vac table clamp upgrade)

November 2005 Armor Party

March 2006 Armor Party

UNK Clone Armor Project

Clonetrooper Torso Buck Creation

Shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, and hand plates - We're armed and dangerous!

Experiment with creating the knee plate from pink building insulation foam

TC-1536 Commander Gree - Mike Harrison's amazing clone armor!

Other People's Clone Stuff

Kellogg's Clonetrooper Helmet Construction Tutorial

Kamino Armor Works Fiberglass Clone Project

Kamino Armor Works Fiberglass Clone Project page 2

TIE Fighter Pilot Stuff

TIE Helmet Hose Helmet Mounting Tutorial

Don Post Classic Action TIE Helmet Liner

Carolina Garrison TIE Helmet Tutorial

Hokey religions are no match for a good blaster at your side

Eweb Blaster from the Snowtroopers on Hoth - Thanks Dave Syczylo

What? Huh? I can't hear you!

Disassembly, painting, and reassembly of the Newton 6 Watt Voice Amplifier

Secure a good transport

Transport your armor in this indestructible Armor Locker

So, you think you want to melt some plastic?

Ralis Kahn of Halloween Fear small vac table tutorial

My vac table metal framework based on the James Thurston Prop Builders Molding and Casting Handbook design

What do you do with an empty beer keg? Turn it into a vac table!

Cool video showing a vac table in action!

Awesome video pulling Sandtrooper Backpack main boxes (12.5MB) 

Type like you live in the Star Wars Galaxy!

Download Star Wars fonts

Other Stuff

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

Andrew's Air Force Base Joint Service Open House Airshow 2007

Andrew's Air Force Base Joint Service Open House Airshow 2008

Star Trek Battle Damaged Enterprise

Cisco Networkers Live 2006

Cisco Networkers Live 2007

Cisco Networkers Live 2008

Cisco Networkers Live 2011

Cisco Networkers Live 2012

Off the wall...

A picture says a thousand words

What are the doggies up to in the backyard?!?
(Third picture down, look through the window into the backyard)
Perhaps a premonition of what will happen if you buy the house?  :-)

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